She Is Heartbeat She Is Rain

by Shawn Smith

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"She Is Heartbeat She Is Rain"

I might lose my mind in a minute
I might fall to my knees if I hear it
I am carrying the weight on my shoulders
I can feel myself getting older
In this time is a spirit to guide me
In this world it's the fire that I see
The Smoke is rising behind us
Better move fast now before it blinds us

Looking far out into the horizon
I can see stars that tell me where I've been
So many lives spent in the illusion
It's time to wake up shake off the confusion
Without a hand to hold in the mystery
Only a voice inside to guide thee
I will call out for others to follow
That small voice until they can find me

Can you feel the energy?
Can you hear the sound?
Waves are all around you
Splashing to the ground
Out of this darkness
Under this sun
A proper revolution
Has only just begun
The ship has set sail
With a complement on board
Of warrior Angels
Sharpening their swords
The wisdom is a shining
Brighter than steel
The space between the ether
is the only thing real

I might scream out loud if I feel it
I might stand up proud and deliver
In a voice like solomons army
We will shout to the heavens to free thee
From the chains of human oppression
From the binding fear of condition
Hear it loud and clear like the thunder
It's the fear and hate that we're under


released August 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Shawn Smith Seattle, Washington

Shawn Smith is a solo artist as well as a founding and current member of BRAD and PIGEONHED.

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